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Landmarks Commission Greenlights Sweet Overhaul on Dumbo Waterfront

March 24, 2015

Landmarks Commission Greenlights Sweet Overhaul on Dumbo Waterfront

The Landmarks Preservation Commission approved today plans to overhaul a waterfront building with a crystallized facade in Dumbo inspired by the structure’s history.

Triangle Assets, the developer, plans to convert the commercial building at 10 Jay Street, which went up in 1890, into 46 condo units along with three retail spaces at the ground level. Now that the plan’s been approved, executives expect to start demolition on May 1 and finish the project by September 2016.

“It’s a great day,” said Joseph Stavrach, the president and chief executive officer of Triangle. “The whole group is excited. It’s going to be a beautiful building, in a beautiful place.”

Triangle Assets finally won approval on the plan after the commission sent it back to the drawing board on Feb. 3 after looking at their initial plan, arguing that more history had to be incorporated to fit in with the neighborhood.

A spokeswoman for the commission confirmed the plans had been approved, but provided no further comment.

Mr. Stavrach said the architects incorporated more bricks and steel to the front to reflect the industrial history of the area. That’s paired with uniquely shaped glass crystals on the facade, that Mr. Stavrach said are inspired by the building’s long history as a sugar factory.

“Looking at the building it’s not something that was built in the 1890s, it’s telling the story of the 1890s,” Mr. Stavrach said. “You see it, it’s amazing.”

There are just four units left to vacate the building, Mr. Stavrach said. While there aren’t any deals yet, he plans for high-end food stores and restaurants for the retail space.